Welfare Measures

MEKTEC Technology Co., Ltd.


  1. Salary is higher than the industry’s average salary level.
  2. The company allocates bonuses based on operating conditions and personal performance.
  3. Salary will be adjusted after one year, and then the salary will be adjusted based on the individual’s annual performance.


  1. Provide labor, health insurance, and comprehensive group insurance.
  2. Allocate pensions on a monthly basis.


  1. There is a professional medical room to provide professional medical and medical consulting services.
  2. Physicians station regularly.
  3. Carry out health check.

Education training

  1. Provide professional course training according to job requirements.
  2. Training opportunities in overseas factories.


  1. Provide employees with exclusive parking for cars and motorcycles.
  2. Give various leaves in accordance with the law.
  3. Subsidies for marriage, funeral, and childbirth, etc.
  4. Award outstanding employees with overseas travel.



Employee Welfare Committee

  1. Subsidies for marriage, funeral, childbirth, hospitalization, and birthday.

  2. Domestic travel for company employees.

  3. Provide Dragon Boat Festival and Mid-Autumn Festival gifts.

  4. The employee restaurant provides a complete meal and a welfare convenient store.

  5. Hold recreational activities.

Labor union

  1. Subsidies for marriage, funeral, childbirth, hospitalization, etc.

  2. Assist employees to resolve and mediate various legal disputes.

  3. Assist in resolving disputes between employer and employee.

  4. Provide member mutual aid fund.