Labor and Ethics Policy

Comply with the law

Value employees

Honesty and integrity

Fulfill responsibilities

MEKTEC Co., Ltd., based on the business philosophy of the NOK Group spirit, is not only an entity that pursues profit and shoulders social and economic development through fair competition, more importantly, through the implementation of management policies, we are committed to becoming a proud partner of all stakeholders, a company that can continue to pursue dreams and contribute to the society. In order to achieve this goal, we promise:
Based on the following labor and ethics codes, both at home and abroad, we will abide by respect for human rights, abide by relevant laws and regulations, and international norms and their spirit, and fulfill our social responsibilities in the spirit of "a corporate citizen with a conscience".

1.Comply with the law

As an international company, we abide by the labor and ethics laws and regulations of the country, region and international regulations.

2.Value employees

Regarding employees as corporate assets, implementing the “people-oriented” spirit in the business philosophy, so that they can be respected and dignified in compliance with laws and regulations.

3.Honesty and integrity

We adopt ethical behaviors in compliance with laws and regulations when engaging in investment, production, procurement, sales, product services and other activities.

4.Fulfill responsibilities

We not only continue to practice social responsibility itself, but also actively lead our suppliers to comply with the Mektec Supplier Social and Environmental Responsibility Code of conduct set by MEKTEC Co., Ltd., and jointly pursue dreams and improve continuously to contribute to the society with expanded effect.