CSR Declaration

In the era of global competition in technology, MEKTEC Corporation adheres to the business philosophy of “people-oriented, innovative technology, and realizing an exquisite dream world”. It manages its business with a sincere attitude of human-oriented thinking, and demonstrates the corporate culture of “speed, service, quality, and satisfaction” to lead all employees to move forward with diligent and tenacious action and continuous efforts.
MEKTEC Corporation is committed to saving energy for the Earth, reducing pressure for the environment, and achieving a balance of coexistence and symbiosis among stakeholders, actively expanding the company’s territory, meeting customer needs, maintaining appropriate rights and interests of employees, paying attention to workplace safety, creating community-friendly relationships and shouldering the feedback of social responsibility as our long-term and stable development goals. We comprehensively improve business performance and execution results, and in line with the mission of fulfilling good corporate citizenship, and regard “Giving back to the community and contributing to the society” as our own responsibility. Via constantly seeking knowledge, striving for the mutual cooperation of progress and growth, we continue to have friendly exchanges with the society to create economic prosperity together, and bring sustainable business value to MEKTEC Corporation.

The company's three major management system policies are as follows

Labor and Ethics

Compliance with laws and regulations

Value employees

Honesty and integrity

Fulfill responsibility


Make good use of resources

Reduce pollution and waste

Continuous improvement

Protect the environment

Safety and Health

Compliance with the law & Value commitments

Continuous improvement & Control risk

Strengthen training & Health promotion

Full participation & Self-management