Technology and Process

Flexible Printed Circuit ; FPC

Light weight, thin, flexibility, high adaptability in style design

Development trendApplicationsCharacteristics
Old generation(Year of 2000)Cameras, printers, electronic productsSimple circuit structure
Next generation(2001~2020)Medical, panel, smart products, automotiveComplicated circuit design
New generation(after 2020)5G、AILow transmission loss, low dielectric
  • Core technologies(Single-sided board, Double-sided board, Multi-layered board)
  • Process Capability(Front-end process, Back-end process )
  • Applications(Medical treatment, Panel Smart products, 5G)

Core Technologies


1.Basic structure  
2.Simple parts assembly


1.Two-layered structure  
2.Wiring can be changed
3.Multi-part installation 


1.Over 3 layers
2.Complicated design style
3.Wide functional applications

Process Capability

Process stageProduction processProcess description
Front-end processNC→ Copper Plating→ Circuits Forming→ Lamination→ Solder Mask→ Surface treatment1. Hole and circuit forming 2. Surface protection treatment
Back-end processStiffening Lamination→ EC measurement→ appearance shaping→ installation1. Installing customer-related parts 2. Quality confirmation before shipment