MEKTEC Corporation is committed to the implementation of environmental policies, fulfilling corporate social civic responsibilities, and continuing to focus on environmental sustainability, promoting water conservation, energy conservation and carbon reduction, waste water reduction and waste reduction activities, and continuing to contribute to environmental conservation .

1.Water saving management

*Improve the water recovery rate of the process.
*Air conditioning condensate waste water is recycled and reused as water for peripheral equipment. 

2.Energy saving and carbon emissions

*Reduce emissions of total volatile organic compounds.
*Choose low energy consumption materials to reduce electricity consumption.
*Replace with the LED tube when the lighting tube fails.

 3.Waste management

* Regarding the management of waste after delivery, confirming and tracking the whereabouts after treatment.
*The output of hazardous waste is reduced.
*Releasable paper is sorted and recycled.
*The waste mercury lamps are sorted and recycled.