Quality Policy

Rationalizing management

Institutionalizing management

Supply the most suitable products

Create a better life

MEKTEC Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of flexible printed circuit boards. Our products can create a leading trend of high quality and high reliability for customers' products.

1.Total quality management

Inherit the Japanese management style, encourage everyone in the organization to commit to the leadership philosophy of continuous improvement and sustainable management, emphasize the participation of all employees, value customer needs and expectations, and take the concept of “the next project as the customer” to achieve that all employees regard quality as the first priority.

2.Complete quality management system

Construct a quality management system in accordance with ISO/IATF/VDA regulations, assist organization development and improve performance, and demonstrate first-class service quality. All management work is operated under a standardized system to prevent errors in advance, deal with abnormalities immediately, and initiate policy reviews every year to determine specific quality goals and implementation items to achieve superb quality.

3.Product optimization

Ensure the quality of products with sufficient manpower and resources, combine with customer needs, develop and research new processes and effective production systems, and continuously improve and continuously launch superior products to cope with fierce market competition, and jointly create excellent technology products with customers to improve the quality of human life.