Happy Society

Community feedback

MEKTEC Corporation strives to build a long-term stable, high-quality and profitable investment environment, and create employment opportunities, whether it is local investment, import and export performance, technology transfer, sales return ratio, improvement of pollution, protection of labor welfare, enthusiastic social welfare activities, etc. to contribute to social deeds, which have far-reaching influence and significant contribution to the local economic development.
MEKTEC Corporation also adheres to the concept of fulfilling its social responsibility and cooperates with universities and colleges. It welcomes academics to visit the factory, holds exchanges and seminars, provides channels for industry-university exchanges, and opens up the rich vision of the young generation. At the same time, it also actively contributes to local schools by providing scholarships, setting up AI/VR virtual reality training halls, assisting the campus to build a complete and excellent auxiliary teaching environment and integrating the latest technology to improve teaching effectiveness.

Caring for public welfare

MEKTEC Corporation has a sense of mission for social welfare, and continues to care for and help disadvantaged groups and poor students in society, such as sponsoring poor students in elementary schools, assisting the World Peace Society, Creation Foundation, Xinlu Foundation, etc. Practical actions express our care for people in urgent need of assistance in society, and hope that good deeds will be fermented and have a chain reaction, leading more people to participate in the grand event, and filling the society with a happy atmosphere of love and kindness. Through the “Public Welfare Fair” event, the President led the representatives of the employees of each factory to present the benevolent deeds of “donating invoices, giving love, providing expertise, willing to give, responding to public welfare, giving treasures and cherishing things” in a creative runway method to encourage employees to do good deeds, contribute their efforts to disadvantaged groups. All the proceeds from the fair are donated to charity. During the period, employees responded enthusiastically to the action of donating invoices and giving love. In addition to highlighting the warm and human touch of each employee, it also allows the recipient groups felt the infinite warmth conveyed by MEKTEC Corporation.

Social Participation