Learning and Development

Education and training

MEKTEC Corporation’s concept of one big family allows employees to pursue their own growth as the company grows year by year. To unite the strength of the group in the unanimous goal, to give full play to the team’s maximum effectiveness, MEKTEC Corporation’s solid training foundation not only strengthens the independent working ability of employees, but also cultivates employees to become excellent members of teamwork.

Customer satisfaction and leading technology are MEKTEC Corporation’s most important competitive advantages. We provide relevant learning courses to enable employees to have a deeper understanding and mastery of the process and requirements of customers.

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Career development

  1. Annual goal management and performance evaluation every six months are to review individual performance and the ability to achieve organizational goals. MEKTEC Corporation will give appropriate rewards to outstanding colleagues based on the results of the evaluation.
  2. We provide opportunities for department rotation, so employees can try and learn in many ways by learning and gaining experience in different units, and it will help employees understand themselves and explore their expertise.
  3. Overseas study and assignment allow employees to experience the living and working environment abroad. While achieving the company’s goals, it also provides unique opportunities for employees to experience different cultures.
  4. Various project promotion plans provide employees with opportunities to cooperate with colleagues in different fields to enrich their work experience.

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