Environmental Policy

Make good use of resources

Reduce pollution and waste

Continuous improvement

Protect environment

MEKTEC Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of flexible printed circuit boards. We adhere to the concept of pursuing sustainable human development. Over the years, we have been engaged in production technology research and related equipment development investment, such as waste water recycling and treatment, waste sorting and recycling, sewage collection and improvement of wastewater treatment functions to reduce the impact on the environment. Regarding environmental management, we promise to continue to carry out the following work, and educate all employees and demonstrate to the public.

1.Compliance with environmental laws and regulations

Starting from compliance with environmental laws and regulations and the company’s commitment to compliance obligations, and based on technological development, scientific knowledge, and stakeholders’ needs and expectations to continue pursuing excellence in environmental policies, goals and performance.

2.Environmental impact assessment

Before starting a new activity or plan, it is necessary to conduct an environmental impact assessment in advance, and develop and supply products that have a low impact on the environment and are safe to use, while improving the company’s efficiency in the use of energy and natural resources, and ensuring these resources can be recycled, reused, and disposed of safely.

3.Implement environmental protection education and training and formulate operating regulations

Through employee education, training and motivation to ensure that everyone can take environmental protection as their responsibility at work, and at the same time encourage or moderately require manufacturers to improve their practices to achieve the same level as our company, and implement the participation of all employees in environmental protection and the love of Earth.

4.Environmental policy concept

Taking compliance with environmental laws and regulations as the minimum standard, we are committed to let corporate and employees have a better concept of environmental protection, and also communicate environmental policies to all those who work for our company or those who work on behalf of our company.