About Mektec

MEKTEC Co., Ltd., a Taiwan-Japan joint venture and an investment business of Japan’s NOK Group, was established in 1986. MEKTEC is the first overseas company of its parent company, Japan’s Nippon Mektron, Ltd. With the excellent production technology and equipment in Taiwan, MEKTEC specializes in the production of flexible printed circuit boards (FPC).

MEKTEC Corporation’s production bases are located in Kaohsiung and Tainan, which are equipped with blank board manufacturing processes and mounting processes such as exposure, etching, pressing, surface treatment, and shape processing. A mold factory was built in the Kaohsiung factory to produce precision molds and fixtures, and FPC raw materials are produced in the Tainan factory. The raw material manufacturing adopts Japanese guidance technology, which are mainly copper foil substrates and protective films. Therefore, the production operations are self-sufficient line production so as to quickly respond to changing market demands.

With the expansion of each factory, the company’s capital has increased from NT$ 40 million in the initial establishment period of 1986 to the current capital of NT$ 366 million, and the total number of employees has increased from 98 to more than 2,000 today. MEKTEC Corporation’s products are applied in electronic 3C products, mobile devices, automotive components, wearable devices and other fields. With excellent products and leading technologies,  MEKTEC serves customers all over the world. Products are sold mainly to China and Europe, and followed by Taiwan, Japan, Southeast Asia and other regions.

MEKTEC Corporation interprets the true meaning of the most suitable service with a global layout and close service, and combines the strength of the Group to provide swift response and mass production demands. Customers’ strict requirements for speed and quality are met with a line manufacturing process. The quality of the process is inspected by a laboratory certified by major international manufacturers. The company has invested heavily in continuously developing machines and equipment to meet the needs of customers and the market.

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